Colombian Supremo

Colombian Supremo

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The King Of All Beans!

The Supremo, named for it's size rather than a growing region is a rich bodied, Arabica Bean that will please most any coffee lover!

It's bright finish is prefaced only by the hints of cherry & honey that occur with every sip.

Customer Reviews

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I have become a coffee snob and Stan’s Coffee is tbe only coffee I keep in my home!

Vincent Rinaldo

Great coffee

Mary Theriault

Delicious coffee !! Love it 💗

Leslie VanTine
You MUST try this

I’m a big coffee lover and though I only drink it in the morning, and occasionally after dinner in a restaurant, this is addicting. Best coffee I’ve ever had. I wrote to the company after enjoying a cup while out and have purchased 6 bags since then. You won’t be disappointed. Strong, flavorful, best!

Daniel Murphy
Supremo coffee Review

We are very pleased by the Columbia Supremo. Does not addict you like Starbucks or affect your balance like a Starbucks coffee. It has a nice rich taste and depending on how you mix it up with creamer and sugar you can make it stiff or sweet and either way it is a good cup of Joe.